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Education 4 Burma
November 2014 New Blood School in Mae Sot.
By: Gerdavissers
Nov 25, 2014

Again we are in the border town of Mae Sot and with the knowledge of the year before we start again to support the schools in Mae Sot. Last year we were for the first time at the New Blood school and we had already a good view of how effective the could work.
Also Carel and Reina, our good friends from Limmen, a small place in Holland came to Maesot this year. A full year they supported the Sky Blue School by paying the salaries, electricity and for the boarding children.
Perfect work raising over 10.000 euro, Well done!!!!
The children from the New Blood school come merely from Burmese families of which the parents work in factories or on the fields in Maesot. About 200 out of the 500-600 are so called “boarding children” and they stay at the school in boarding accommodation.
Of course we look to the school with an European eye but we can see that one school is functioning better than the other. This school has more students than most of the other school except the number of students in Myanmar schools. One of the biggest differences are the atmosphere within the school community. Headmaster, teachers, grown up students and even the 9-10 years olds take care for the younger ones. The little children get a hug were they like one. Older students teaches the younger students and they are very keen on more than the basic topics. There wish was to have about ten computers to set up an computer class in their summer school period. Therefore they need a teacher on computer skills. A certain number of students have the opportunity to study after this school at the University of Rangoon (capital of Burma). Others are super intelligent but are taken from school when they are 14 – 15 years old to work in the factories or on the fields. The leader of the school goes to the family and sometimes with success.

IMG_2912  Twins at the New Blood School


On the picture above approxemately 100 4-5 year olds who have to sleep from 13.00 to 14.00 hours……………All of them and it works!!

From the gifts of Carel en Reina in 2013-2014they also looked to other schools to support and the New Blood School was selected by them to give also some support to this big school. 500-600 students from 4-18 years old, lead by a team of a Burmese Headmaster and Principal and  teachers including one Thai forr teaching the Thai language.

The operation costs are donated by the bigger organisations but alls the needs as school materials, sports articles, cooking facilities, drawing articles and more of the so called “small” things which cost still a lot of money.

Carel and Reina gave a lot to the above mentioned needs of we are very grateful to them. From our personal “wallet” we can not give the support we want to do but with all kind of help from friends in Thailand as well as Holland we managed to help the school in a big way!!! Thank you so much.

We are now busy with a try to put all our text in English as well as Dutch so our friends all over the world can read what we are doing in Maesot.

Underneath the pictures of the new cooking pots for the New Blood School. So now they can cook in “one GO”  for all the children breakfast. Before they had to cook the rice in two times which means that some children had to eat very early morning and the the other group very late .

At the picture on the right the new table tennis table.





IMG_2908On this picture you see a “girl boarding house bedroom”.  On such a wooden bed, where they sleep with three girls and of course also at the “top-bed” the same number. Unfortunately here we can not change anything right now and have to trust on the big organizations.

Than the beamer. This one is donated by the primary school “DE BUNDERS” out of the village of Oisterwijk in The Netherlands.

Teachers can use this beamer in all classes fro grade 1 to 10. We explained how it works and that they have to be very very careful because the bulb in it costs an enormous amount of money. We hpe they will have a lot of peasure with it and enormous THANKS to the school in Holland !!!!!!!!!

Birmese kindertjes kijken voor het eerst in hun leven naar een beamer die is geschonken door de lagere school in Oisterwijk DE BUNDERS

Birmese children look for the first time in their life to a beamer donated by DE BUNDERS in Oisterwijk (Holland)


P1190205IMG_3054Some more impressions of a very big TV!!


Also a lady and friend of Carel and Reina visited Maesot for over two weeks and she (Hilde) works with us together on these schools. It was the first time in Asia and she was very impressed by what she has seen. Here a support to one of the students who made this painting of a Karen Long Neck Woman. The money goes to all art students and make them able to buy goods for more drawings. 

Thanks for reading and “until we meet again”!!

Warm regards  Gerda and Martien

For some more feeling see the below movies made at the New Blood school.


20 november 2014