Martien en Gerda Vissers
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Back in Mae Sot
By: Gerdavissers
Dec 13, 2016

After a long period of 8 months in Holland we are now back in “our” Thailand. We were very curious how the school was doing. They kept us informed but still they can not write all “ins and outs” about needs, students and progress in the new school year. It is always more clear when you can talk about things with them.

When we arrived on a Sunday it was very quiet at the school and somebody told us they were all working at the field were they were harvesting their corn. About 60-80- children 10 to 18 years old were having fun and worked hard to get the corn through the machine into the bags. For the dust they had to protect their face by lots of clothes.  They do this for raising money for the school programm. They try to be selfsupporting but that will work only for a small part. To operate a school of 5-600 students of which 200 boarding cost a lot of money. Think e.g. the food costs for three meals a day. Take a look at the video.

In summerschool (holiday for two months) they also made paintings which they want to sell to raise money. Difficult because they can not show the paintings to possible buyers. We want to give it a try by put the pictures on our website, so if you see something nice please let us know. The school ask for one painting 1500 Thai Baht witch is something as 40 euro. All money goes to them and we try to take your buy for you to where you are.

One of the school tranport cars to take children home in the area needed two new tyres and we took it as our first project to finance. The safety of the children is very important and where there is place for 15 they can put easily 40 children in the car.

Also we promissed to pay the school money  for the teachers working free had to follow a course in Bangkok. We always ask what they really need and when possible we are willing to help them. It makes both of us happy.

kopen-bedjes-1So we also help them with sleeping mats and cussions. The money was raised by a friend on her birthday. Thank you very much. Special because the winter is approching and sleeping in open buildings can makes life hard for them. Temperature can drop down as to about 10 degrees Celsius with a lot of rain and strong winds.





Also today we bought them a new black and white printer because they really need one. nieuwe-printer-1Repairing the old one is more expensive as buying a new one.

3 beamers (projector) we gave to Eh Thwa ( Burmese contact person for us) who will find a good place in te schools in Myawaddy, a place just over the border in Myanmar.


Clothing we took a lot with us and was well received by the Orphanage houses here in Maesot. Thanks also to a friend who sends every year a box with children clothing by post to us in Maesot.

A tip if you fly to Bangkok it is 24 hours a day possible to sent it via Thai post for not mor than about 6 euro for a 20kg box. Send to our hotel and 3 days later it is at the destination where you ( and we ) are happy with.

These are our experiences for so far this year and in a row we are now in Thailand for the 12th time since 2005.

Thanks for donations and warm regards,

Gerda and Martien.