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2015: New Blood School what has been done
By: Gerdavissers
Feb 23, 2015

Dear people who are interested in our website Education4burma. This should be a new article  about our progress in 2014-2015 period.









Also we want to help children who can not longer live in Burma, to help them in their status as refugees in Thailand. Mae Sot is a Thai border town with Burma (Myanmar) A city with 50,000 inhabitants of which more than 60% are refugees from Burma. There are 74 migrant schools (primary and secondary) with possibly more than 20,000 Burmese children who by the grace of large and small organizations get some help to learn. A duty for us and for them, it should be a right of every child but that is not the case at this moment. Many families keep children out of school to work in factories and on the field. We help on a small scale to fill the “needs” where the big organizations do not or can not provide. For example, sports and games articles, but also the arrangements on extra lessons in e.g. computer education. There are computers and laptops and teachers. So everything is possible and similarly we are working on that topic at the New Blood School, the school with 500-600 students. (continued!) I’m still at work!!!