Martien en Gerda Vissers
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2015-2016 Maesot update about our activities
By: Gerdavissers
Nov 17, 2015

NBS eerste week (21)Dear friends of

And if you are friend of this web-site you’ll be our friends as well.

We are back on the place we feel happy for the period of about 5 months. The other time we enjoy our time in The Netherlands with family and friends.

We are still a two people organisation with our personal budget for the work we want to do. That budget changes from one year to the other but can help us to find the best ways to spend. Whether to one or the other school or people who made themselves to a great value for the Burmese community in Thailand.

As an example we spended alraedy some money on the repair of the school car of the New Blood School. Enormous important as you know there are about 40 children in the car every day.