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Donations create a lot of possibilities
By: Gerdavissers
feb 10, 2017

Update of the reached goals and wishes for the (still) refugee children at the New Blood School in Mae Sot.

New toiletbuilding and dormitory

Besides the new toiletbuilding for girls, we are now about to be ready with a new dormitory for the 160 children of 4-12 years old. They were living in a too small rooms and had to sleep with too many children in one bed.

A lot of work has been done by the (older) students themselves. For example, 25 lorries of sand and stones were carried by them to the place a lorry could not come. By far the biggest project we ever realized! For your information, 55.000 Thai Baht for the toilet building and 165.000 Thai Baht for the dormitory has been used so far. In total € 6.000.

But also the accommodation inside the dormitory needs to be renewed from the old wooden “boxes” into a 16 new bunk-beds for a total of 64 sleeping places. Total amount needed: 80.000 Thai Baht (€ 2.150).

Very grateful for all donations

The money we’ve earned with our Bed & Breakfast in Beek (Holland) last year went into this project. We are very grateful for the donations of our friends from Limmen, Beek and Zeist where the schools of our grandchildren are willing to help us and further all individual donations.

Little example at the resort we stay in Mae Sot: Guests from Australia were talking to us and after mention our project we got three bank notes in Australian money 100, 50 and 20 AUS Dollars. (4.500 Thai Baht).

“No worry”, we said we will manage the finance of the beds. You can be sure that everything is without any luxery but just a neccessity of basic living.

Money spent in 2016/2017

We are incredibly happy with your gifts we use for these projects. This season we’ve spent at about € 10.000. Besides the earlier projects, we’ve also spent money on:

  • Money for 8 teachers extra study for keeping them available for teaching in Mae Sot at “our” school (€ 1.300).
  • New cooking pots for the kitchen.
  • Repair of the schoolbus.
  • Food and extra fruits for 500 children (300 day kids and 200 boarding kids).
  • Learning materials as books for teaching English.
  • New printer.
  • Sleeping mats and cushions.
  • Paint for the nursery (students made it beautiful).
  • Buying the paintings which some of the students made in summerschool time.You can be sure of 100% use for projects. School made estimates before and shows us the bills.Have a nice winter and we hope to see you soon in Holland. (spring….)

We pay little by little and keep good control on all expenses. Thanks to all who helped us so far and we hope you will help us further with the bunk-beds and other upcoming needs.