Martien en Gerda Vissers
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2022 Back to Measot after two years
feb 19, 2022


Dear friends of us and the New Blood School (Maesot, Thailand)

It has been a while since we have been in Thailand. March 2020, just after the outbreak of COVID-19, we came back home in The Netherlands.

Almost two years later we finally will go back to see our friends in Maesot and other places in Thailand. Of course we’ve kept in touch with the school, including making donations to help them a little bit in with their expences. Together with other donations they have been able to  build new  classrooms.

New building mainly financed by other donors

Due to COVID-19 the school which normally hosts about 450 children, dramatically shrank in number. About 100 students and teachers continued to live in the dormitories at the school grounds. The good thing is that they received education!!!

On the other hand its hard for the other students, living in and around Maesot. The haven’t been allowed to enter the school grounds because of possible spread of the COVID-19. It is a great loss for the children receiving no education at all.

We hope we can meet the students and teachers at the school, but it depends on the development of COVID-19. Especially now, its necessary to help these children who are hardly supported by Thailand or Myanmar. Their future starts with good education. With a diploma they have many possibilities in finding a job in a big Thai city as Maesot with over a half million people.

Together with you we pray for a CORONA FREE world and who knows we will see you in Maesot on your visit to the beautiful country of Thailand.

Have all a good 2022!!!!                                              

Gerda and Martien