Martien en Gerda Vissers
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2019 A new kitchen building
Feb 20, 2019

Another big (about 4000 Euro) project this year is the new Kitchen building. A building to make the food for many children. Our friends Carel en Reina, specially visited to Maesot to see the start of the new kitchen, took almost all costs. The old kitchen building was far too small !!!!! Unsafe, not efficient for the cooks to work at a safe place.

Four professional workers and 200 children helped to build an fantastic new kitchen. A place 15 x 8 meters. 1/3 for cooking and 2/3 for the children to use their meals. 100% better than the old building and a very happy schooldirector and kids!!!!

Children living at the school, about 150, 3 meals a day and for lunch all the children (about 500). All together about 800 meals to prepare every day. And…..all warm. Rice and vegetables and sometimes a little piece of meat.

Thanks a lot, Carel and Reina!

Gerda and Martien.