Martien en Gerda Vissers
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2017-2018: Our 13th year in Thailand
Jan 3, 2018

Dear friends, since 2005 we have been travelling to Thailand and have visited many countries as e.g. Myanmar, Lao, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines …… We have been taking care for street cats and dogs while we were staying in Bangkok until 2012. We are now in our 6th year in Maesot (Thailand) at the border with Myanmar. (550km from Bangkok, 350 from Chiangmai)

In the beginning we spent time and money for different schools as the Sky Blue school (120-150 children) at the dumpsite of Maesot and the Champion school (100 children) together with our friends Carel and Reina, and later also with Hilde (Thanks a lot). Supporting schools financial and also the physical labor as painting walls, tables and so on. And the orphanage “lighthouse at Maesot”, which was financial supported by friends Ulrike and Friedbert.

Holland Station

Later in 2014 we started to support the New Blood School with 500 students of which 200 boarding children. All children and teachers are Burmese. A number of the students are orphan, but most of the children have parents who are working in Thailand, Myanmar or elsewhere. For the last group of children we supported the school with e.g. a new boardinghouse in 2016 for the girls and this year a same sort of house for or boarding purposes or for use as classroom. Also this period 2017/2018 we have realized a place for the children using their lunch or also for use as classroom. (Holland Station)

We gave the buildings the name HOLLAND HOUSE in 2016 and HOLLAND HOME for the new  building this year. The last named  HOLLAND STATION as it looks a little bit as a station.

Teaching English 6th/7th grade


Santa Claus

We had a nice Christmas party with karaoke which they really liked. Started with early morning shopping for a sort of Christmas meal with chicken, a boiled egg and fruits.

About € 200 for 200 people. In our countries you have to spend more for a Christmas party. But, see it as a challenge. We have to say, Martien in a Santa outfit starting the karaoke with `Jingle Bells` was very special but not top quality. Honestly, the Burmese children were much better. See our video’s of Christmas party at an orphanage. Video 1 and video 2.

We would like to thank all the people who helped us by staying in our Airbnb address in Holland and also all people who donated money to us.

In 2018 we want to support a number of students to follow an university study. These students have a very close relation with the New Blood School and help also to teach in grades one to six at the New Blood School before going to the university. An university student will follow the study in Myanmar. Costs: about 600 US Dollar per year including boarding and food. The nice thing for us is that we can follow them from Maesot on their results at university.

Hope you will all have a very nice 2018 and hope to see you soon, or in Holland, here in Maesot or elsewhere.

Warm regards, Gerda and Martien